This video is session #10 of the YWAM IWT playlist, a series of videos including more than 12 hours of in-depth training in collaborative partnerships by Phill Butler.

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Session 10: Summary, Quotes & Questions.

Kingdom Partnerships Video Seminar

 Phill Butler, visionSynergy


SESSION 10:  Summary, Quotes, Questions


In this last session Phill is trying to cover all the potential pitfalls, failure points,  missing “manhole covers.” (so you might  fall down the hole) of forming a Christian partnership.  Most are the reverse of already emphasized principles or tools. But some are new e.g.  Don’t put in place any more structure than needed to do the job, so the structure doesn’t overtake vision and relationships.   He uses wonderful examples from North Africa and Albania.

Finally he talks about the “gallery” that is observing your work in the city/country—the four constituencies that you must take into account.  The MOST important is that of the people of the city. They are why you are there. They must see the Gospel demonstrated, not just talked about. They are the bottom line.

But there are also the leaders of all the ministries in the partnership, who must be kept informed and encouraged with the progress.  There are the people who are supporting you, both at home and in the city—by prayer and financial and every kind of support.  And the people IN the partnership. All these groups require attention, care, communication, respect.  But you don’t have to do that alone.  You appoint people gifted in that communication and hopefully bring in support from the city.

His final questions to the group are once again assessing the way in which they invite, involve and empower the city/country  for the long-term vision that they inspire.

Notable Quotes:

  1. A new leader of an organization, like the leader of partnership, comes in and he says, “All of a sudden, all the manhole covers started coming off”.  Imagine…’re walking along and Poof!  What are the manhole covers for us?  (traps)
  2. You can’t function in your city without knowledge and relationships.
  3. Prayer is critical to the [ IWT] partnership –unless the Lord builds the house,… we’re kidding ourselves. No method, no YWAM vision ever gets us there. God has to be there. WE have to be praying for health and welfare inside the partnership.
  4. We can get too focused on structure. I encourage you to do as much as you can by consensus rather than by written documents. Don’t get too hung up on structures.  You just need enough, JUST enough, so that everyone understands how things work and it’s clear.  Because what happens is that you start to lean on the structure rather than being focused on the vision.  It’s the vision and relationships that will keep driving you on.
  5. There’s a gallery of people watching . You’ve done your research, built relationships, and brought people together….You’d better be aware that you’re not alone…. You’re not the only one interested in this partnership.  There are four audiences, or constituencies,  present in every single city [or country] partnership.
  6. But be honest [about failure to reach some of initial goals]. It’s so important, because, if the partnership internally loses hope, you’re out of business. So keep talking, listening, praying, be sensitive.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Are you one of the ones more interested in structure?  No one says we can do it without structure.  You might be the one able to help design the necessary structure.  But are you tempted to focus too much on that?
  2. What work have you ever been a part of where you can testify that it never would have worked without others of God’s people praying for you?
  3. Are there any of these constituencies that you wouldn’t have realized the importance of? Which?

What can you offer now as a way to keep them involved and supportive.