This video is session #9 of the YWAM IWT playlist, a series of videos including more than 12 hours of in-depth training in collaborative partnerships by Phill Butler.

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Session 9: Summary, Quotes & Questions.

Kingdom Partnerships Video Seminar

Phill Butler, visionSynergy

SESSION 9:  Summary, Quotes, Questions


In this next-to-last short session, Phill reviews the Roadmap:  Key points to the process of initiating a partnership….always remembering that God has been in the area long before we arrived and has had His people there to witness. We don’t build on nothing. We build on what other Kingdom people have done clearing, sowing, watering — and must show humility about that.

He reviews the importance of and the tools for building trust among all the people involved and in the purpose and the process—-it is a God design for His people to work together,  so it is worth the work that we invest.  And the process will work if we use the tools and bathe our work in prayer.   When we encounter trials and difficulties—even again and again—we must remember that we are threatening Satan’s strongholds and he does not give up easily.  But we have God’s purpose and design—and His Spirit  –on our side and we will break through. We must always continue to monitor and work toward restoration and reconciliation among God’s people, but it doesn’t come automatically or easily.

We review specific tools —-and especially having a BIG vision, but also small, bite-size, achievable goals so that God’s people can see and celebrate the victories all along the way.  And we see another great example of how the facilitator must be constantly taking the temperature of the group and constantly encouraging and reassuring them –first to stay ON the path, then that they ARE making progress

Notable Quotes:

  1. We must acknowledge that in our cities right now, God is already at work, has His people there. He’s going to give us a role to play. He never leaves Himself without a witness.
  2. Then people say, “Why do we continue to have problems? What would you expect? Satan does not just give up. You can’t just wind up the clock and walk away.  You have to be conscious and pro-active agents of reconciliation.”
  3. We need to know what the city is like now, but bring to the people the hope and the dream of what the city can be.
  4. When they start, they can never imagine the specific, tangible outcomes.  Some people are more negative, some more positive. But no one can imagine what the next step is …until they look at whole context and problem, roadblocks, ways to attack the roadblocks.
  5. Can’t begin with 4-minute mile.  A good coach knows how to break it down. Everyone’s just trying to run faster, but it’s not happening. How to break it down to tangible steps and measure the progress.
  6. One of the key roles of facilitation is to help people see that they ARE making progress.

Questions for Reflection:

  1. Do you know something about the spiritual history of the city (or place) you will work in that illustrates that God has already been working there?  Who or what do you need to acknowledge before you begin your work?
  2. Think of one thing that you accomplished in your life and how you broke it down into smaller pieces to accomplish it.
  3. Who in your life has been able to encourage you to keep plugging toward your goal when you felt like giving up?