This video is session #4 of the YWAM IWT playlist, a series of videos including more than 12 hours of in-depth training in collaborative partnerships by Phill Butler.

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Session 4: Summary, Quotes & Questions.

Kingdom Partnerships Video Seminar

Phill Butler, visionSynergy

SESSION 4:  Summary, Quotes, Questions



Session 4 starts with the idea of using creativity to attract way more resources into the huge vision of bringing people into the Kingdom of God.   Companies like Proctor and Gamble initiated what we now call “crowd sourcing,” divulging to the world their problems and needs and using the internet to solicit help from ANYWHERE to meet those needs.  A stock broker turned gold mine operator did the same thing with the conservative, closed mining industry and revolutionized it.  Partnerships and networks can help us to do much the same in the Kingdom. 

Phill continues the exciting story of the first evangelism partnership for N. Africa, and the first meeting and how the Holy Spirit led.  A group of 16 diverse and totally suspicious mission leaders came together to find a solution  to the biggest obstacle to their effective evangelism, and the Spirit triumphed by knitting them together in prayer—not just prayer for their mission and their process, but as humans— for one another.  That model and emphasis on prayer has been the bedrock of all the successful partnerships since and opened the way for credibility and trust in these partnerships  for all the intervening years.

But the process must be constantly bathed in  respect for each player’s role, valuing the clearer of stones and the sower as much as the reaper. Phill tells rich true stories to reaffirm  Jesus’ words about sowing and reaping and to remind us of the saints of Hebrews 11. Some SAW the fulfillment of the promise and some did not, but all will be rewarded. 

When his listeners approach the cities where they will work, they will also find antagonists, indifferent, seekers and resisters and people at every stage of their journey—process— toward the truth. He urges them to make sure their strategy allows for those who are desperate for a solution, but don’t KNOW that their solution is God.