Jesus’ Love To Professionals & The Young

Sports is music’s twin universal language.  Committed to a partnership approach, in 1996 the International Sports Coalition was coordinating key outreach at Olympics, World Cup Soccer, and other high profile international events.  These experiences led to  intensive international training in partnership.   The ISC now has work in over 100 countries, through more than ten youth and family strategies, has seen over hundreds of thousands of  decisions for Christ.  They engage more than 20,000 volunteers annually, and relate Jesus every day of the year to otherwise inaccessible professionals in baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, football and even formula one racing!


A Missionary & The Fundamentalists

1990—2000 saw over 100,000 Algerians die as the Islamic Fundamentalists waged war against the central government.  Nearly fifty years before a British missionary had, with his family, given his life to share Christ with the Kabyle Berbers of Western Algeria.  When he died there were possibly 100 believers.  The second year of the Islamic war, 1992, a partnership of eight ministries was born to reach this Berber group – building on the 50 years of missionary witness.  Today estimates suggest there are well over 100,000 believers.   All the churches, radio, TV, and internet-based  evangelism are all carried out by the growing national Kabyle leadership — and all in one generation!  A recent national Islamic Algerian daily newspaper warned, “We Muslims must be careful.  It’s said that to be Muslim is death.  To be a Christian is life.” 


Hope Turns Bad Then Turns Really Good

A major language group in West Africa had no church – and no Scripture.  In the early stages of partnership development for the group, three widely separated groups were found to be working on New Testament translation – completely unaware of each other.  Despite great odds, as part of the partnership, the three were brought together and a coordinated strategy was developed.  Result: the NT five years sooner – available for evangelism, literature, radio, social media and all other forms of witness.  Plus, over $1.8 million dollar saved for other Kingdom work!


Genghis Khan’s Dream Finally Realized

Having seen Christianity when his hoards invaded the Middle East in the 12th Century, Genghis Khan asked the pope in Rome to send missionaries to Mongolia.  The pope didn’t respond.   For another 800 years Mongolia languished in darkness.  In 1991 when the Mongolia partnership was born there were four known believers in the country.  Today?  An estimated 100,000+ believers exist in a church led completely by nationals, there is a national Bible Society, Christian broadcasting, and growing influence in education and other key sectors of in this formally dark world.  Genghis Khan’s dream (and that of prayer warriors worldwide) finally came true!


Eight Become One Become Thousands

In the 1980s, there were eight different radio broadcasters trying to reach the 60 million Muslims of North Africa.  Their programs were on different stations at different times making it virtually impossible for ‘seekers’ to listen to the Good News with any continuity.  Partnership brought the broadcasters together with on-the-ground leaders for a coordinated effort.  An integrated on-air schedule & coordinated personal follow-up revolutionized outcomes.  Today, there are thousands of believers and a growing church.