Stories, resource materials, and connections to strategic Kingdom networks available on this site repeat Jesus’ theme in many different way.  When real, lasting, Kingdom partnerships and networks are launched, things change.  Not just trivial things but important, often life-changing things.  Through effective partnerships and networks —

  • Broken relationships give way to reconciliation.
  • Fear gives way to trust.
  • Duplication and waste gives way to coordination and efficiency.
  • Division among ministries gives way to unity and commitment to each other.
  • Separate, often less effective strategies, give way to a common vision and approach.
  • Isolation gives way to a sense of belonging and community.
  • Despair gives way to hope.

The result?  The love and power of Jesus are set free in new ways to change lives, families, communities, and to strengthen His church.  All things can truly become new!

Whether it is in your own community or some distant region, working together is God’s design.  Explore the resources on this web site.  Then, give us your feedback on ideas, additional materials that you feel would be helpful, or news about events or networks that are important to Kingdom advance.  We want to share that information with an ever wider Company of the Committed.