I.  Based on God’s nature: living in community

A. Before creation

– Job/Daniel/Ephesians

B. Man in His likeness

– Genesis 1:26, 3:22, 11:17

C. Destruction of community/trust

– Gen 3:8-10 Fear

– Gen 3:22-24 Separation

– Gen 4:1-9 Loss of responsibility

D. Testimony of community

– Gen 17 Promise to Abraham

– Zech 8:20-23 National witness

– John 17:21-23 Believers’ relationship

II.  Based on a Gospel of restored relationships

A.  Salvation defined       Luke 10:25-28

B.  Believer’s role             II Cor 5:18-19

C.   Practical action         Colossians 3:12-17

III. Based on God’s creation of diversity

A.  Different styles           Matt 11:2-19

B.  Different roles             I Cor 3:3-11

C.  Different timing           Hebrews 2:2-4

D.  Different audiences     Acts 15:1-11

IV. Based on Unity in diversity/the Body of Christ

A. Romans 12

B.  I Cor 12

C.  Ephesians 4


V.  Based on the nature of Evangelism

A.  Matthew 13

B.   John 4:35-38

C. I Corinthians 3:5-9

VI.  Basis for credibility of the Gospel

A.  Words vs works                      John 5:30-47, 10:31

B.  Belief thru unity                       John 17:11, 21-23


VII.  Basis for release of Holy Spirit’s power

A.  Psalm 133

B. Ephesians 4:16