Your organization does not have to be big or famous to be effectively involved in a partnership or network.  But certain organizational qualities frequently make collaboration easier – or, allow an organization to make a genuine contribution to a partnership or network.  If you are involved in an existing collaborative initiative, this assessment tool may be valuable as new, potential partner organizations are considered.

On a scale of 1 — 10 (1/low, 10/high) rate your ministry by answering the following questions

1. Our ministry is Kingdom-minded not just organizationally-minded ____________
2. Our ministry/organization has a clear mission and vision statement ____________
3. Our ministry’s specialty is in demand ____________
4. Our ministry’ leadership is confident about our identity/purpose ____________
5. Our ministry is inclusive (will work with a wide range of other agencies) ____________
6. Our ministry is growing (range of services/budget/staff, etc.) ____________
7. Our ministry is open to significant innovation and change ____________
8. Our ministry has a strong desire to expand its impact/effectiveness ____________
9. Our ministry brings unique benefits/added value to a relationship ____________
10. Our ministry’s willingness to share it “trade secrets” is ____________
Partnership Potential Index — Total  ____________

Scores may, generally, be interpreted as follows:

  • Scores of 80+: Ministry is likely to be very effective partner in collaboration
  • Scores of 60+: Ministry is a good candidate for collaboration — may want to examine low score areas for their implications
  • Scores of less than 60: Ministry may want to take time to examine core vision, values, and operational norms prior to seeking to engage others in collaboration.


Examination of low score indicators may be an effective starting place for such a review.