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Case Study: Urban City/Church Partnership

The Good News A 'blue collar' city of about 200,000, third largest city in the State, known for its railroads, deep water shipping, forestry businesses, small manufacturing industry, and a large recent immigrant population. In this context a few pastors began meeting...

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Partnership Checklist & Key Principles

As your church considers some type of action to engage with others (churches, organizations, community entities, etc.), here is a simple check list to help we think through and, possibly, strengthen your initiative.  We -- Have identified, as much as possible, the...

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Effective People Group Engagement Checklist

Your Local Church: Effective People Group Engagement   ___ Have identified a committed team to pray for the church’s initiative with unreached/ unengaged people. ___ Have communicated with the whole church about this initiative and feel they are engaged in the...

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