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Partnerships: Getting Started

Why Not Partnership?

The Standard Excuses Concern over theological differences -- real or imagined. Fear of loss of organizational identity. The "we can do it alone" mentality. Pride/ego. Fear of other agencies intrusion on our turf. Fear of change -- never done it this way before. The...

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Lighting the Lights & Paving the Streets

While on my way to the airport very early in the morning recently I was passed by an ambulance, lights flashing -- on its way to a nearby hospital.  The incident got me to thinking -- Imagine a city with no streets, no lights, no phone system, no public water supply,...

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30 Years, 30 Collaboration Insights

For nearly 50 years, along with numerous colleagues I have been developing missional partnerships around the world. At the conclusion of the first 30 years we saw that, while the circumstances were often sharply different, reasons for success were consistent.  Here...

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The Partnership Vision in 90 Seconds

We all know that outcomes are a whole lot better when people work together – whether it’s families, communities, or nations. The nightly news reminds us every day of the consequences of broken relationships – personally and among nations.  It’s particularly true, of...

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Prayer, Evangelization & Kingdom Cooperation

Background/Context For many years, with colleagues around the world, I have worked to bring God's people into whole, collaborative relationships.  These initiatives have consistently sought to empower effective evangelization, development of national church planting...

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