Partnership Operations

Communication & Coordination

Phill Butler shares the story of what happened when a group of ministries forming a new partnership discovered how much unnecessary duplication existed in their work. Video Topics:

Perspective on Progress

Sometimes people working in partnership with others can become frustrated when it seems that after all the effort invested in the partnership, the group has accomplished only one or two major objectives. In this video, Phill Butler shares why it is important to keep...

Overcoming Skepticism

In this video, Phill Butler shares a story about winning over a skeptical, late-adopting partner through a process characterized by inclusivity and persistence.Video Topics:


"It's the celebration that keeps us going," says Phill Butler in this short video which emphasizes the importance of acknowledging, sharing, and celebrating the progress your partnership makes in working together. Video Topics:

Brink of Disaster

Phill Butler shares a brief story about a partnership formation meeting which almost went off the rails. In this story, Butler talks about the importance of managing emotions and expectations in high-stakes meetings. He stresses the value of making progress visible so...